What The Bible Says About Church Attendance...

A much debated topic by many inside the organized church, as well as those outside the church house walls. Does the Bible teach that we must attend church services, within the buildings set aside for church services? It can be a bit confusing when discussing this topic due to the interchanging usage of the word "church" by so many. The most important place to start such a discussion and discovery, would be to identify and define the following:
1. What is the Biblical definition of word Church
2. Who or what is a Church
3. What is an assembly of the saints
4. Is there a minimum or maximum attendance requirement to declare an assembly of saints
5. How often are saints to assemble
6. What should be the activities of an assembly of saints

All of these points and more, will be covered when we answer question; "what does the Bible say about church attendance?"

More Coming Soon!

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